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Meet John

John is a proven leader and has the experience from both the public and private sector needed to lead our communities.

The Businessman

John is a successful businessman who used his experience and knowledge in the retail, hotel, restaurant, and entertainment industries to lead the city of Williams into an economic boom. With tourism being one of Arizona's largest industries, John is more than well-positioned to help boost the state's economy through tourism, entertainment, and the many other growing industries across the district.

John Moore for Congress. These pictures help capture how John is a businessman, a public servant, a patriot, and a man of the people. (Photos Circa - June 2021) 

The Public Servant

John has a proven track-record as a diligent and hardworking public servant. After moving to Williams, Arizona, John became the Chief of Police for the northern Arizona town. As the head of the police in the 'Gateway to the Grand Canyon', John successfully brought the entire community together by playing a key role in halting the unlawful salvaging of the historic Grand Canyon Railway. Saving the railway helped bring one of the last thriving Route 66 towns closer while also providing northern Arizona the boost it needed to become a tourism, retail, and restaurant industry powerhouse! Eventually, John would become the stalwart Mayor of Williams - who is now regularly seen around town reliably wearing his Stetson cowboy hat -  listening to the concerns of his constituents, assisting visitors with their needs, serving patrons at his restaurant, and doing whatever else he can to serve the people of Williams and of Arizona.

John Moore for Congess District 1 Committee
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