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The Moore Plan for Supporting Families

Protecting the sacred gift of life is not the end of creating a stronger America, but it is just the beginning. Not only do I believe in protecting life, but I also believe in caring for that life after birth. This is why I plan on putting legislation forward that focuses on supporting family values throughout America in three easy steps. First, by expanding foster care and adoption services to even more caring mothers and fathers. Second, by providing additional assistance programs to children in foster care: mentoring programs, work experience opportunities, volunteering with charities, and various community-support programs. Lastly, I understand that rural domestic violence is a growing concern for many families across America. Working with communities, I will develop strategies alongside local leaders, police departments, social workers, and local non-profit organizations to swiftly and properly respond to these delicate matters. Strong family values are the backbone of America's prosperity! 

John Moore for Congess District 1 Committee
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