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The Moore Plan for Secure Borders

A nation is nothing without strong borders. Arizona remains on the front line of the fight against illegal immigration, and I believe it can become the national model for immigration policy in America. I wholly support our law enforcement and the job they are doing at our borders, but we must embrace new policies and strategies to ensure border security and economic growth. Deterring illegal activities and creating a strong border is compassion. Compassion for hardworking immigrants that come here legally. Compassion for the scared children that are left stranded here by cartel members and traffickers who use them for their own selfish gain. Many people think that securing the border and reforming immigration are mutually exclusive. I disagree, and I am certain that when I get to Congress I will be able to unite both sides of the aisle to create meaningful immigration reform. All while providing the necessary tools for our brave law enforcement to keep us all safe and effectively operate at our borders.

John Moore for Congess District 1 Committee
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