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The Moore Energy Jobs Plan

I believe that Congressional leaders have not done nearly enough to protect energy sector jobs in our country. I’ll make it my priority to ensure that America's energy sector is a job creator, not a job killer. This will not come easy though. We must embrace cutting-edge technology to ensure our economy gets back on track and that we set the economic pace around the globe, not China. By diversifying America's energy production to responsibly include both fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, we can ensure stable job creation, lower gas prices, and a stable environment for future generations. Americans are tired of hearing about unrealistic Green New Deal policies that seemingly only negatively impact our global economic position and influence. This is why I plan on putting legislation forth that focuses on expanding our energy sector, creating new jobs, lowering gas prices, and putting America back as the leading energy exporter. 

John Moore for Congess District 1 Committee
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