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Hear it "straight from the horses mouth" as I like to say. Learn where I stand on some of the most pressing issues currently facing our nation.

See for yourself why Arizonans can EXPECT MORE when they VOTE MOORE!

Providing Quality Education

Education is the backbone of our great nation. I believe it should be the government’s principal concern to... 


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Securing Our borders

A nation is nothing without strong borders. Arizona remains on the front line of the fight against illegal immigration, and...

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Caring for Our Veterans

The Federal Government has consistently failed in supporting the service men and women who valiantly served...

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Uniting the American People

The only way to unite Americans is to stop radical partisan policies. Polls have routinely shown that a majority of...

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Supporting Strong Family Values

Protecting the sacred gift of life is not the end of creating a stronger America, but it is just the beginning. Not only do I...

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Growing Our Energy Sector

I believe that Congressional leaders have not done nearly enough to protect energy sector jobs in our country. I’ll make it my...

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Fighting for Local Communities

As a Republican and a Constitutional Conservative, I believe in vesting the power of the government right into the...

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Our Borders Need Moore!
The current crisis created by the bad policies of the Biden Administration have proven two things: 1) we must swiftly secure America's borders and 2) we must never allow another security or humanitarian crisis the likes of Joe Biden's to occur at our borders again! Do you agree with me? Then please, chip in and support the fight to secure our borders by electing John Moore.
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John Moore for Congess District 1 Committee
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