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America Deserves More. America Needs Moore!

I'm John W. Moore,  I'm a Strong Constitutional Conservative, and I'm running for Congress. I want to show Arizonans, and the rest of America, that they can Expect More when they Vote Moore.


I Work FOR THE PEOPLE. Not Big Corporations.

As a retired Police Chief, and Mayor of Williams for nearly 15 years, I have discovered that the best way to bring the community together is by listening to those I represent. I believe Americans have grown tired from having establishment politicians and 'Big Tech' tell them what they can and cannot do, think, or say. I'm running to change that. I'm running to put the power back into your hands -  the hands of the American people. It's about time we showed the radicals in Congress that the wants and needs of the people come before their radical partisan agendas. 

John Moore for Congress Collage. Leader_Public Servant_Patriot_Cowboy 

Our Borders Need Moore!
The current crisis created by the bad policies of the Biden Administration have proven two things: 1) we must swiftly secure America's borders and 2) we must never allow another security or humanitarian crisis the likes of Joe Biden's to occur at our borders again! Do you agree with me? Then please, chip in and support the fight to secure our borders by electing John Moore.
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